An overview of the top software company in Bangladesh

5 min readMar 29, 2022

As we enter the digital transformation era, it’s important to understand the current top technological trends and how they impact revenue streams and competitiveness in 2022 and beyond. 77% of CEOs feel that their IT architecture is becoming highly crucial to the overall performance of their firm; but, to reinvent your business, we analyzed the top software companies with the latest trends that have been acknowledged by the world’s transformation leaders and implemented by the top software company in Bangladesh, so that you may use innovative solutions to address issues quickly and inexpensively.

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How important is it to keep the edge sharp for an IT company in Bangladesh?

Customers expect personalized solutions that are suited to their unique requirements and desires, and enterprises want systems that are agile and customizable to match this demand based on availability, convenience, speed, and sustainability.

Clients want all information, answers, and assistance to be available at the press of a button, therefore today, we’re seeing more breakthroughs and disruptions emerge and scale inside that time frame, transforming the ultimate state into a dynamic goal. The number of options and alternatives accessible is constantly increasing.

To be the greatest in software development, you must keep your expertise up to date with the latest technological breakthroughs; and this is something we prioritize.

You will lose business if your processes are slow — Each layer of the stack is expanding into new dimensions, from the dispersion of cloud installations to the many types of AI models and the enormous array of edge devices, to the architecture of hardware and computation.

The metaverse will be a new internet frontier that brings together all of the existing layers of information, interfaces, and places for people to communicate. The metaverse may be conceived of as a “digital meets physical world” manifestation in real life. It introduces new job types, a new method to make money, and an infinite number of brand possibilities that customers will want businesses to help them navigate.

What is the need for a creative environment at an IT outsourcing organization?

Organizations are increasingly appreciating no-code/low-code environments, which allow end-users to design systems without requiring IT clearance.

People from various parts of the organization now can develop technology solutions.

86% of CEOs say that their company has to teach its employees how to think like technologists — how to use and personalize technology solutions on an individual level without having extensive technical knowledge.

Human behaviors will have an influence on their businesses in the future are examined in the IT trends of 2022.

The infrastructure and underlying code necessary to build AI are complex to manage and expensive to develop. Usability, speed to market, and agility are all important factors.

This is changing the way AI programming is created, allowing us to get it to market faster. As AI becomes more widely used, the necessity to safeguard AI-powered systems will become more pressing.

Machine learning will be used to decipher patterns, detect threats, and automate some cybersecurity tasks. These new AI services are only one of many new solutions that businesses will need to move into the digital future.

Software accelerators, which speed application development with sales needs through IT innovation to be more tailored and iterative paradigms, as well as future paradigms as they evolve, require an agile digital infrastructure.

The awaited list: Who is the top software company in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh currently accounts for 16.8% of all outsourced internet employees worldwide, according to the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). It’s a breakthrough for Bangladeshi software firms to be able to compete with the greatest firms from across the world and stand out.

It’s difficult to find the right software development partner in today’s flooded talent market and ranking a software company is even more difficult because it depends on factors such as client recommendations, number of services, number of employees, years of experience, technical capabilities, and the list goes on and on.

However, we analyzed all of the factors and ranked the top 5 software companies:

#1. BJIT Limited

#2. Brain Station

#3. Tiger IT

#4. Kaz Software


SELISE, a digital platform developer with innovation, consultancy, and IT delivery centers across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, has delivered hundreds of IT projects in industries such as finance, insurance, consumer goods, sports, events, telecommunications, and civil engineering for over ten years.

Kaz Software has been a custom software development enterprise for the past 15 years. They have developed over 120 pieces of software and served over 100 businesses from across the world. Swiss Contact, QFC, Regulatory Analytics, Thomson Reuters, and tap mafia are among their referable clientele.

Brain station has been serving clients all around the world since 2006, mostly in the Fintech business, such as local banks, eCommerce sites, and payment processing systems. They’ve also been involved in government-related projects. The objective of Brainstation is to create smarter solutions and better software.

Let’s dive deeper into why customers trust BJIT Limited.

How BJIT has evolved to become the trusted choice for global customers

With the adoption of the latest digital transformation trends and the sudden influx of new technologies, a new era of business has erupted — one in which architecture matters more than ever and industry competition is a battle of technology stacks, making BJIT the fastest-growing SaaS company and top software company in Bangladesh with global recognition.

BJIT is the first firm in Bangladesh to sign a contract with Google LLC as an official vendor for software development. BASIS marks BJIT Limited for cracking the prestigious ranking consecutively for 2 years across all segments of the outsourcing tech sector.

Hiring the Top 3% Developers to Scale Your Business

BJIT hires the fuel for their future growth!

Take a glimpse at how their skills can help make the world more cyber-secure while building something special to reimagine businesses in the digital age:

Digital platforms and enterprise infrastructure and productivity are dominant software enterprises, as are software sub-sectors.

To Innovate, scale, and thrive in the digital transformation era, BJIT’s slogan is to: evaluate, identify, advise, and execute to create connections rather than transactions.

For the past 20 years, their tech-savvy products, software development using an agile and DevOps approach, and SaaS have been the three categories creating the fastest expanding enterprise solutions.

Edge computing, as well as the lightning-fast pace of innovation in intelligent sensor development and adoption for the Internet of Things (IoT), AMS, Automated QA testing, and Blockchain, are propelling the industry forward at breakneck speed. The median growth rate of enterprise software and SaaS illustrates that the advancement of business software is making clients delighted to come to BJIT Limited for digital transformation.

Bottom Line

Keeping up with the newest trends and technology is a difficult challenge for many businesses. It is not enough to be aware of new opportunities that are relevant to your company; determining which ones are useful to your organization and being able to respond to them swiftly will play an important part in maintaining your competitive advantage. Agility and flexibility are required to keep ahead of the competition.

More services, more solutions, more data with security made BJIT the top software company in Bangladesh.




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