An Ultimate Guide to Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers for Software Development

6 min readNov 8, 2022

In the age of IT, businesses will ultimately require the assistance of top offshore developers to take their organization to the next level. This aspect has encouraged a surge in hiring dedicated offshore developers at both start-ups and tech giants.

The rising demand for a dedicated offshore development center is a global challenge.

Companies want to work with specialized programmers who can manage the project with careful attention to detail. Partners for offshore team augmentation bear a substantial share of the risk involved in finding, educating, and developing developers’ experience. Meeting with hand-picked developers enables you to quickly identify the top developers.

However, finding dedicated offshore developers is a time-consuming process. Therefore, to help you recruit dedicated developers for your forthcoming project, this blog attempts to provide you with a clear understanding of the process.

Let’s get a clear picture of a sustainable long-term solution with offshore software development

Even with enough resources, most organizations, particularly startups and mid-sized firms, struggle to keep up with the pace of growing technology. It’s all because of the growing need for Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure. Furthermore, organizations that build software as a product or a service frequently require the services of professional developers to help them execute the vision of the software they want to release to the market.

However, if you engage a dedicated offshore developer, especially in major tech centers like Silicon Valley, your software development will be quite expensive. The typical wage for a developer in Silicon Valley would be in the range of $100,000, which would be ridiculously expensive for some start-ups and organizations.

Google, a major participant in the IT business, embraced outsourcing at BJIT to save on labor expenses. However, cost reduction was not their major rationale for outsourcing; a wide range of factors contributed to their preference to take offshore IT services in Bangladesh.

Continue reading to discover why.

When is the right time to hire offshore development team?

  • Offshore development teams in Bangladesh can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as when your organization needs professionals with a particular set of skills to fill talent gaps. It’s possible that an internal development team of a corporation is underqualified for a certain project. At this point, dedicated developers come into play. By appointing committed developers with extensive and in-depth technological knowledge, businesses may take advantage of the newest technologies.
  • When you must act rapidly to meet development demands that are pressing and beyond your capabilities. By recruiting offshore development teams in Bangladesh offering lower labor prices, you can limit schedule and expenditure deviations and spare the business from rising costs caused by urgent development demands. Offshore developers provide project flexibility, so you can efficiently handle any changes in project needs.
  • When you wish to cut back on operating expenses. Given that the vendor assumes all HR, administrative, and infrastructure-related chores and risks associated with team scalability, the need for offshore developers therefore increases.

Hiring dedicated offshore development models at BJIT

  1. Staff Augmentation

In this model, we provide all the necessary equipment, software, and administrative setup to get the office up and running. As a consequence, client expenditures for overhead and building a new office are lowered.

The client company is actively involved and completely in command. Our dedicated developers follow the same corporate culture, standards, and processes as the core team.

When should you embrace staff augmentation?

• Your internal team must be strengthened as certain ventures may necessitate the use of emerging technologies. Your in-house IT team must be enhanced in this circumstance.

• You’re on a tight deadline. The hiring process is lengthy, starting with the job advertisement and finishing with onboarding. Regardless of the type of contract, you may quickly recruit extra developers by adopting the staff augmentation strategy.

• Specific skills are necessary. You must immediately bolster your workforce with competent engineers or technicians.

• As a bridge worker, short-term employment may result in longer employee relationships.

2. Managed Team

Like staff augmentation, your managed team is entirely dedicated to your project. Your managed team operates independently with an external project manager in charge of overseeing daily operations and procedures. Your outsourced project manager constantly contacts and reports to your in-house project manager and product owner while the managed team works autonomously.

The management team and you will agree up front on the project’s scope, participant roles, due dates, and service-level expectations. Your internal project manager and product owner are involved at all stages of the software development process, guiding, and deciding on the product.

When does a managed team work best?

  • Long-term projects entailing important and unexpected changes. For a one-time IT project, it is inappropriate to hire internal staff.
  • When your team is working on multiple development projects and is unable to concentrate on one more project.
  • When your own staff is unable to complete the job because they lack the necessary skills or expertise.
  • When you still want to make decisions and develop the vision for your product even when most chores can be handled without you.

3. Project-based Model

Your offshore partner will manage the entire software development process according to your requirements.

Your outsourcing partner will keep an eye on each stage of the production process and deliver the finished item on schedule and in line with your requirements.

When is outsourcing on a project basis ideal?

  • When you are working on a task that is not your primary service.
  • If your internal development resources are constrained. Because the outsourced provider manages the responsibilities and development process, a project-based strategy is suitable for companies with less engineering/IT knowledge.
  • Anytime a non-administrative product needs to be created quickly and efficiently.

At BJIT, hiring a professional offshore developer takes only four simple steps

  • Step 1: Describe what you expect.
  • Step 2: Communicate and interview our engineers.
  • Step 3: Onboarding and integration
  • Step 4: Sign an NDA to safeguard your intellectual property.

What Does a Dedicated Team Model Look Like?

You must pay close attention to the team’s organizational structure and ensure that they have the specialists your project requires if you want every project to be completed flawlessly.

For this reason, you’ll see that our team consists of the following positions:

  • Project manager
  • A committed group of skilled engineers
  • professional UI/UX designers
  • Automated QA testing engineers
  • SEO and digital marketing professionals
  • Business analysts, IT consultants, and cybersecurity specialists

Top 3 benefits of hiring developers from Bangladesh

Businesses wishing to swiftly increase their development teams in an effective manner, while also lowering recruiting expenses, may find that employing offshore software engineers in Bangladesh is a good alternative.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Bangladesh is the Right Choice for Hiring a Devoted Team of Qualified Software Developers

#1: A well-known outsourcing location with a large talent pool for developers

#2: Software developers in Bangladesh are extremely proficient in a range of technologies and programming languages

#3: The essential steps for business growth are taken into consideration

#4: More effective and quicker crisis management techniques

#5: Due to foreign-invested IT and tech companies’ high-end products and services, they are available at affordable costs

Wrapping Up

There is an appropriate offshore development business model for any situation, regardless of the project’s objectives and demands, whether the quality is to be maintained, development costs are to be reduced, specific client needs are to be met, or even all of them.

However, because of the increased demand for creative software solutions, it may be difficult for businesses to find competent offshore developers, particularly when they want to shorten the product’s time to market.

You can rely on BJIT to provide you with the most devoted team of developers. Hire our developers and have a thorough discussion about your project.

With BJIT, several firms have had success in outsourcing their development projects. What are you holding on to?




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