Benefits of Working with Agile Development Process Company

Organizations of the 21st century are built on people. People with talent and is the key currency that organizations have for competitiveness. In today’s environment, organizations have to make sure that they align their processes to bring out the best in people. They adopt various schemes and methodologies to engage and inspire their people and tackle that potential in them. Organizations want to bring out the passion that is there with some fascinating agile principles. The agile development process is nothing but innovation in the way people in organizations work.

The agile development process is not confined within IT departments. Agile is used beyond IT departments and across companies. If you truly dig into the roots of agile manifesto history, you will find that the Agile development process has been inspired notably by manufacturing practices. After World War two, organizations have been trying to rebuild their industrial infrastructure and decided to adopt practices different from what rest of the world was doing. This is where the idea of doing things in smaller batches with more cross-functional teams came into existence. Toyota was a pioneer of these agile development processes. This is where the word ‘lean’ eventually got coined to describe their production system. You must have heard of Kanban which still is less than a decade old. Kanban stands for inventory management practices in particular. It also falls under the agile development process.

At present, agile development processes can be used in many different areas across industries. It is found both internally from a team and externally from customers. Organizations now believe in the idea of having cross-functional small teams. Organizational development paradigm centers around agile development processes. Rather than looking at things at a traditional level, organizations now focus more on a systemic and organizational level of operations such as self-organizing cross-functional teams. Such agile development processes aids in adapting to market changes in an efficient way. Whether you run a big organization or you are an entrepreneur with countable capital, you equally need an agile development process. You just have to bring together core practices that have been proven to work in the journey of growth and expansion of businesses.

There are certain benefits for organizations that have integrated agile development process in their operation.

Transparency: Agile development process offers a highly collaborative environment. The project’s success depends on the identification and utilization of data velocity. The agile development process gives organizations a unique opportunity to monitor the project, ranging from priority features to iteration preparation. This way, managers can make decisions with proper analysis of risk, cost, and benefit.

Allows for Change: Agile development process manages change more effectively. With the agile development process, the overall product backlog can be refined and reprioritized. As it provides the opportunity to introduce, updating becomes easy and so iteratively work is delivered to the customers’ changes. Through implementing the agile development process, organizations get to deliver customers more values with every sale. Organizations can use insights gained from demonstrations, usability testing, and consumer reviews in the product and boost up their ability to pilot when necessary.

Reduced risks: Agile development process almost remove the risk of total failure of the project. It also has an MVP (minimum viable product) concept, beginning with the first sprint. It brings in fast revenue generation for self-funding initiatives, enabling organizations to pay for a small upfront project. The agile development process offers flexibility to introduce new improvements. The frequency of new increases produced can be implemented at very little cost.

Early and Predictable Delivery: Agile development process provides the opportunity to reduce the total development time of a product or service. Organizations get results earlier than planned which ultimately accelerates the process of adding value to the business. With the agile development process, organizations can focus on the highest priorities first and work accordingly. Agile uses capital more efficiently and helps them to remain productive throughout the process.

Improves Quality: Agile development process breaks down the project into manageable units. this way focus organizations can bring on high-quality developments. The project team can separately focus on development, testing, and collaboration. Testing is an important part of the Agile development cycle. Random tests are carried out to see how the product performs during the production process. Complete testing guarantees the consistency of the outcomes. Also, the consistency of the output and testing often conducted during each iteration is improved by rapid detection and correction of faults and early recognition of expectation errors. Thus, the quality ends up improving.

Faster ROI: Agile development process enables the product development cycle to starts early. Only after a few iterations, you get ‘ready to market’ outcomes. Quick releases of products and the ability to measure and alter customer reactions keep you ahead of the competition. You also get the opportunity to concentrate on the value of the business.


After working with lots of companies with the agile outside of IT, I have discovered that there are a huge opportunity and benefit and a need in the marketplace for companies to understand how to apply agile to their business. Recently I have come across a company that started applying some of these agile techniques and they got tremendous growth in six months. That’s incredible. The rise of DevOps is a sign that this is becoming increasingly common. This agile development process tool ensures faster delivery times, improved customer experience, and satisfaction. It also breaks down silos through early detection and faster correction of defects. It comes with a faster agile development cycle that brings in the digital transformation of your business.

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