How Outsourcing can be a game-changer to upswing the SME industry in Finland?

5 min readAug 3, 2022

Aside from the fact that it is the home of Nokia, how much do you know about the IT sector in the easternmost Scandinavian country?

So, let’s see what is cooking there. Finland’s SME industries and IT ecosystem have recently grown. Finland’s information technology sector is one of the most prominent in Europe, and it is also North Europe’s second-largest IT hub.

Over the last few years, Finland has seen steady growth in the number of offshore outsourcing software development projects. Finland, like much of Europe, outsources primarily for cost savings and more flexibility. Small and medium-sized firms utilize offshore services to achieve their goals.

We’re happy to compare the market demand for the most popular platforms, like Android and iOS, and technologies, like Python, Ruby, Scala, and.NET, with that of the outsourcing sector in this post. We’ll also present some in-depth information on the Finnish IT business.

The current state of the E-commerce Market in Finland

E-commerce in Finland has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and as a result, many traditional product and brand manufacturers, as well as individual consumers, now place a high value on the sector and have plans to expand online sales distribution because it fosters the advancement of the information industry and IT services industry and accelerates the process of global economic integration.

The use of data and technological advancements have an impact on the global outlook for e-commerce. Rapid urbanization has boosted customers’ desire for online access to a wide range of items, thus boosting online shopping.

The e-commerce business has been developing for years as the Internet’s prevalence has increased, attracting a wide pool of customers to online shopping. The ecommerce trend in Finland has become increasingly popular as technology has permeated consumers’ lives. Customers are more likely to purchase online now that smartphones and social media platforms have brought them the newest trends in fashion, travel, eating, and other areas. Changes in customer attitudes regarding online shopping have resulted in higher adoption rates, adding to the global ecommerce market’s growth.

Overall, the 2020 pandemic is expected to have expedited the move to digital trade by around five years. As a result, from strategic planning to consumer behavior research, Finnish IT businesses provide cutting-edge solutions for the whole eCommerce value chain.

Reasons why the SME industries require IT outsourcing services

Outsourced IT support services can be done for a variety of reasons. These explanations might range widely. The following is a discussion of outsourcing incentives:

  1. Keep your eye on the ball

IT outsourcing services enable businesses to concentrate more on their development initiatives and get a competitive edge over rival firms; because there is more time to focus on core business activities after outsourcing IT services, it may be simpler to make the best strategic decisions that have a direct impact on the work.

Companies have the chance to focus all of their efforts on their main business in order to enhance the value of the goods or services they provide.

2. Cost Cutting

One of the main goals of outsourcing IT is to reduce costs, which is why almost half of the enterprises across the world are outsourcing at least 20% of their IT spending. Finland is a country where the IT sector has a significant impact on economic growth. Due to the ability to reduce production costs through outsourcing IT services, many Finnish businesses choose to outsource some or all of their IT services.

3. Enhancements to the level of service and quality

When a business requires specialized technical expertise or has to provide goods to clients more quickly, outsourcing is the simplest process. By collaborating with a company with exceptional skills, you can gain access to tools, technologies, and methods that your company may not already have, more organized techniques, procedures, and documentation; a competitive edge through enhanced abilities; and greater career chances for staff who may transfer to the outsourced provider.

4. Adaptability and Control

Companies need to be flexible and have solid control over their operations if they are to react to a market that is changing quickly. Outsourcing is a viable option for achieving this flexibility and control. The technological capabilities and the IT staff’s expertise in an internal IT function are both constrained. Additionally, it is challenging for businesses to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Because the outsourced IT firm offers a wide range of expertise, resources, tools, technology, and other things, these issues may be resolved. Because everything is under control, businesses can solve an issue faster if market conditions change (such as a shift in demand). A company’s competitive advantage will be maximized if it maximizes both control and flexibility.

5. New business development opportunity

With IT outsourcing, the firm opens new business options since it has more time to concentrate on strategic development rather than taking too long to address operational issues.

Companies must concentrate on their company’s growth as a strategy to acquire a competitive edge as the market demand changes quickly and the environment gets more competitive. Companies may stay up with new technologies, talents, etc. via outsourcing, freeing up internal workers to focus on business development challenges.

Let’s build something together!

Make the most of your company’s full potential while maintaining cost-effectiveness, performance, and flexibility by outsourcing software development to Finland. As soon as you have all the information you need, you can choose the best vendor to work with and get better outcomes faster.

How can BJIT OY help you to realize your business potential?

BJIT OY has been making ideas matter since 2011. BJIT is not only focused on the activity of E-commerce platform outsourcing. BJIT OY is actively assisting with improved decision-making with data. In addition, develop advanced eCommerce platforms to increase global sales, BJIT OY provides world-class expertise and innovation in CRM systems, smart products with IoT and AI solutions, and much more. With its latest tools and technologies, BJIT OY is at the core of the IT sector, where you may discover dedicated offshore development teams to hire in Finland.

BJIT is motivated by the success of the clients’ businesses and provides efficient development and quick time-to-market as a result of the highly successful business models to assist company growth and digital transformation. Their IT outsourcing models are classified into three categories: onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring.

· Onshoring is when you contract with our local development team to handle your IT needs and gain access to our cutting-edge technology and development best practices.

· Nearshoring occurs when development services are outsourced to a nearby nation, such as Finland corporations hiring technology partners in Sweden. Nearshoring is frequently seen as a good balance between cost-effectiveness, quality, and your outsourcing partner’s physical closeness.

· Offshoring is the process of outsourcing IT services to a firm located overseas. This is generally the most cost-effective choice since it involves utilizing current and field-tested agile procedures that do not necessitate the cost and time required to acquire, onboard, and educate new people.

The Endnote

Finland has one of the greatest living standards in the world and a booming economy, with the IT industry being one of the most promising industries. Finland is a fairly popular country for outsourcing IT services. Nearly 70% of Finnish businesses provide outsourcing and IT team outstaffing services, with the option to engage an internally created and dedicated team in Finland.




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