See why BJIT is an excellent workplace.

5 min readJul 12, 2023

The diagnosis of what makes BJIT an exceptional workplace.

Being acknowledged as a fantastic place to work is always satisfying, but it is even better when the recognition is based on the opinions of our own employees.

It helps to identify which issues are most important to individuals because no firm can satisfy all its employees’ hopes and desires. Based on findings from global surveys and interviews, BJIT has established the six most important requirements for developing the perfect IT outsourcing services company.

So, how close is your organization to the ideal?

Only a few companies exhibit all six of the characteristics listed below for an ideal organization, many of which are challenging to attain and some of which even compete with one another. However, they continue to serve as a guide for business leaders looking to build the most fulfilling and productive workplace possible.

Ideal Offshore Development Center Checklist

1. Let people be who they are.

2. Open up the information flow.

3. Accentuate people’s virtues.

4. Don’t only advocate for shareholder value.

5. Show the logic behind everyday tasks.

6. Have laws that people can rely on.

There are no surprises on this list, but putting the items into practice is no simple undertaking. Almost all of these demands require leaders to carefully weigh conflicting interests and reassign their time and focus.

Your goal is to equal what they have accomplished, then surpass it.

In a nutshell, BJIT fosters diversity, information is neither withheld nor misrepresented, the business offers value to people rather than simply taking it from them, the firm upholds important values, the job is organically satisfying, and there are no silly restrictions.

To find out, check off each statement that applies. The more check marks you have, the closer you are to the dream.

Let Me Be Myself

☐ I’m the same person at home as I am at work.
☐ I feel comfortable being myself.
☐ We’re all encouraged to express our differences.
☐ People who think differently from most do well here.
☐ Passion is encouraged.

Tell Me What’s Really Going On

☐ We’re all told the whole story.
☐ Information is not spun.
☐ My manager wants to hear bad news.
☐ Top executives want to hear bad news.
☐ Many channels of communication are available to us.

Discover and Magnify My Strengths

☐ I am given the chance to develop.
☐ Every employee is given the chance to develop.
☐ The best people want to strut their stuff here.
☐ The weakest performers can see a path to improvement.
☐ Compensation is fairly distributed throughout the organization.
☐ We generate value for ourselves by adding value to others.

Make Me Proud I Work Here

☐ I value what we stand for.
☐ I want to exceed my current duties.
☐ Profit is not our overriding goal.
☐ I am accomplishing something worthwhile.
☐ I like to tell people where I work.

Make My Work Meaningful

☐ My job is meaningful to me.
☐ My duties make sense to me.
☐ My work gives me energy and pleasure.
☐ I understand how my job fits with everyone else’s.
☐ Everyone’s job is necessary.
☐ At work, we share a common cause.

Don’t Hinder Me with Silly Rules

☐ We keep things simple.
☐ The rules are clear and apply equally to everyone.
☐ I know what the rules are for.
☐ Everyone knows what the rules are for.
☐ We, as an organization, resist red tape.
☐ Authority is respected.

These ideas may all seem reasonable to you. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment where they are followed?

However, few, organizations have all six qualities. Several of the characteristics contradict long-held beliefs and traditions. Others, to be honest, are difficult and can be costly to accomplish. Some are at odds with one another. Almost all of these necessitate leaders carefully balancing opposing interests and rethinking how they devote their time and attention.

According to research, highly engaged workers are 50% more likely than the least involved ones to surpass goals. Additionally, businesses with highly engaged employees beat those with the least engaged staff in terms of employee retention, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth, all by a factor of 54%, 89%, and fourfold, respectively.

What employees really need is a feeling of moral authority that comes from the value of the objectives they achieve rather than from a focus on how effective the methods are. You have compelling reasons to surrender to the organization of your dreams’ essential structures since they promote the organization’s mission.

People want to work hard and feel important in a company that makes a difference. They seek employment in an environment that plays up their advantages rather than their disadvantages. They require some autonomy and structure for that, as well as coherence, honesty, and transparency inside the organization.

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, purpose-driven enterprises play an important role in the marketplace and society, particularly during times of uncertainty. BJIT recognizes the significance of aligning with the values of our present and future professionals in order for them to lead with purpose, advance their careers, and achieve in an equitable and inclusive work environment.

And that’s challenging since it necessitates weighing several opposing statements. To fully profit from diversity, one must forego the ease of being surrounded by like-minded individuals in favor of the labor-intensive process of integrating diverse groups of individuals, work practices, and philosophical traditions into a thriving culture. Managers must constantly determine whether to move forward and when to stop, talk, and compromise.

Work may either be a source of liberation or alienation, exploitation, control, and homogenization. The fundamental dynamics of shareholder capitalism and unquestioning bureaucracy continue to be potent notwithstanding the changes that new technology and new generations bring. Do not undervalue the difficulty of building an authentic business and effectively using employee potential. If you don’t, these groups will continue to be the exception rather than the rule — and for the majority of people, just a dream.

Institutions require structure. Institutions and businesses require regulations. Successful entrepreneurial firms frequently come to feel that adding new, complex procedures would ruin their culture as they expand. However, systematization need not result in bureaucratization if individuals accept and understand the purpose of the regulations.

Our offshore developers shape BJIT’s own corporate culture. We all grow together by creating a fun, creative, and dynamic environment that promotes cooperation and our principles.

We at BJIT have perfected the use of behavioral norms to organize the company’s expanding activities without endangering its culture. The hiring (and firing) process is purposefully kept simple, with just one level of approval needed for each post. Regional directors are given a lot of latitude as long as they stick to the top-and-bottom-line objectives and timeframes. Knowledge-management systems are intended to persuade individuals to call one another rather than send emails and to explain the purpose of a recipient’s inclusion in an email message. These straightforward guidelines are seen by BJIT as protections rather than threats to its core principles.




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